we deliver artful experiences

Keen Live is a team of designers and technologists, and we deliver artful experiences that immerse, excite, and inform live audiences. We support events, shows and expos with the design and production of graphic and motion content for large-format display systems and interactive devices.

walter soyka

Founder, Designer, Head Geek, Loudest Typist in the World
Walter started Keen Live in 2006 with the idea that he could be creative and nerdy at the same time. He’s a respected leader in the motion design community, and he’s spent the last ten years using that expertise building and managing immersive content for really big screens. As resident mad scientist, he’s always thinking, trying to make a piece of technology just a little bit better, or a piece of creative just a little bit more impactful. Walter lives in the New York suburbs with his wife and son and spends his spare time in Microsoft Excel.


eugenio callejas

Lead Interactive Wizard, Designer, Head Figure-Outer, Futurista
Eugenio (‘Oh-Hen-Yo!’) has been designing user experiences since 2001. He has created content and applications for numerous Fortune 500 companies including GM, Ford, Toyota, Microsoft and Dell. Eugenio is passionate about innovation, developing design solutions with next-generation technologies like virtual reality, and exploring the creative potential of tools like HoloLens. He lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with his wife, their four boys, and one perfect baby girl, and he visits his hometown in Nicaragua whenever he can. Es muy guapo.


michael ledin

Art Director, Designer, All-Around Jerk, Probably owes you $5
Michael (also known as ‘Cobra’) is a leading designer in the live event industry, and brings more than a decade’s experience spanning print to motion to his role here as art director. He first cut his teeth as a production artist on automotive work, and he brings the precision, brand awareness, and attention to detail that is required to all his work today. A talented illustrator in his own right, Cobra is a natural leader in any art department. He lives in the Detroit suburbs with his wife and three children, and is very tall and good-looking.