We deliver artful experiences

At Keen Live, we use design and technology to help imaginative people share their ideas.

Progress comes from ideas put into action. That first spark of an idea in one person’s mind is just the beginning. Ideas pick up momentum and power — and ideas become actionable — when they’re socialized. Sharing an idea with other people isn’t division. It’s multiplication.

We deliver artful experiences that immerse, excite and inform: mainstage presentations, motion graphics and video, large-format design and animation, mobile apps, interactives, and VR/AR experiences.

We would love to hear about your big idea, and we’d love to help you unlock its potential by sharing it with others.

We use design and technology to help imaginative people share their ideas.”

Our multi-disciplinary philosophy

We think that the best creative experiences require both-sides-of-the-brain approach, so we mix design and technology freely. We build multidisciplinary teams, pairing designers with developers. Our work is equal parts artistry and engineering.

Fusing design and technology can create an artful experience, but actually delivering it requires something more. We deliver with workflow and process. We build pipelines that make production repeatable, and we provide creative management that seeks out misunderstanding among teams and disciplines to promote clarity.

We blend design and technology to push creative boundaries, and we provide workflow and process to make that creative manageable.