Bringing characters to life with real time puppeteering

In an effort to explore 3D capabilities within the Adobe Character Animator workflow. Our creative team came up with the concept of "Gary the Crash Test Dummy".

After walking away from a good job as a Crash Test Dummy he tries his hand at filmmaking. He's an inspired, lovable loser developing a tragically, uninspired war movie. He is not just the star and the director but actually the entire crew. If it seems as if he is in over his head, it's because he is.

Using real time character animation allowed us to start developing footage with improvised recording sessions. We were able to start developing Gary as a character and the process gave us an opportunity to both fail and succeed quickly. 

Once we had some basic character development in place we then focused on story, deciding that an epic war movie would allow us to have some fun with a classic genre full of emotion, action and special effects. We also decided that was going to be really hard and would take a really, long time, we then settled on a documentary format that allowed us to focus on less ambitious setups like talking heads. 


Fake work and arbitrary deadlines

Although it's not a real movie the work itself is very real. 

To us this was a study of emotion more than anything else. How could we best support the emotion visually, how believable would it be and of course how streamlined could we make the process?