We help people share their ideas

Ideas can have real power when they're put into action, but what helps ideas make that leap? We think ideas pick up momentum when they’re socialized. Sharing an idea with other people isn’t division. It's multiplication.

We’d love to help you share your idea with the world. Keen Live uses design and technology to deliver artful experiences that immerse, excite and inform: mainstage presentations, motion graphics and video, large-format design and animation, mobile apps, interactives, and VR/AR experiences.

Keen Live uses design and technology to deliver artful experiences that immerse, excite and inform.

We deliver artful experiences

Artful experiences start with good design

We believe that good design is table stakes: it’s the base-level expectation for anyone in business today.

We are good partners in design, and we offer a full range of design services. We can work within the tightest brand guidelines, and we can provide blank-paper concepts and see them through to final design.


Technology supports strong creative and good design

Design without technical understanding doesn't know its capabilities or its limits. Technology without design understanding doesn't have a purpose and won't push ideas into action.

Design and technology go hand-in-hand, so we bring both disciplines to every project we work on.


Strong management delivers design and technology with clarity

It takes more than good creative or good design to deliver a successful experience. Not too many design shops show task boards as work samples, but we think that strong project management is an absolute necessity. Organized management and smart production workflows are a must.

We understand that the process is part of the product, so we work to promote clarity and deliver rapid, focused iterations.

We'd love to discuss our work with you

No two projects are alike. If you'd like to discuss an upcoming project, we'd love to share a few relevant case studies we could review together. Just drop us a line and we'll see how we can help you share your ideas.