our work

We want to make cool stuff everyday, with people we like, that makes life a little better. We want to produce work that we can all be proud of, and we want to craft a production process that we can all enjoy along the way. If that sounds like something you want, too, then let’s work together!

the keen way

We love making pretty pixels, but we also know that making pretty pixels is just a means to an end. People gather together to discuss ideas and to advance their causes. We visualize ideas, making them something that can be shared and experienced. We work to make the spark of an idea spread, so it can lead to action.

To that end, we blend design and technology to push creative boundaries, and we provide workflow and process to make that creative manageable.

Design and technology are like chocolate and peanut butter: they’re better together. Design without technology doesn’t know its own limits. It over-promises and under-delivers. Technology without design doesn’t have purpose. It fails to connect with the overall creative and does nothing to support the purpose of an experience. We think that the best creative experiences require both-sides-of-the-brain approach, so we mix design and technology freely.

Fusing design and technology can create an artful experience, but delivering it requires something more. We deliver with workflow and process. We build pipelines that make production repeatable, and we provide creative management that seeks out misunderstanding among teams and disciplines to promote clarity.